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October 5th, 2011, 20:16
The series carries a heavy legacy, with a loyal yet demanding community following its steps…
This is one of the best sentences I have read related to Heroes.

I am and I have always been huge fan of HoMM. I have been following development of MMHVI since it was first confirmed that UBI is working on it. I've tried closed beta, demo and public beta and game has huge potential.
It kept essence of Heroes franchise and improved it many ways. Heroes is still Heroes and very fun to play in this installment.
Sure, there are things that need improving but at least it seams that the fans are going to get what they asked for in near future.
Only thing that keeps bothering me are Town Windows and I will keep fighting for their change in nearest possible future as much as I can. This is one feature I cannot accept in this form and in current state. I needs to be changed ASAP to proper and well known and loved townscreens.
I have already preordered Heroes and I'm looking forward to play it against friends in hotseat and online and I will keep supporting franchise anyway I can.
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