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October 6th, 2011, 02:38
What's the point of achievements? If you are going to put them in there then give some kind of reward within the game for getting them. Something….anything would make them mildly interesting.

Say what you will about Dungeons, but when it came to achievements they did it right. Each map has certain things you need to do in order to receive bonuses at the end of the map. I really liked that and strived to get all of the bonuses I could.

Or Painkiller. Each map has one type of goal in mind like finding all the secrets or not getting hit or using only a certain weapon. If you do this then you receive a special…..card (spell). I did some maps over and over again just to get that stupid card and when I got it I felt like I really "achieved" something.

They give no motivation at all to get these things other than bragging rights. Who the hell wants to brag about getting achievements in a game?
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