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October 6th, 2011, 15:46
I'll have to try out Fayris next time I play River of Time - since I unwittingly chose in favour of Jaakon this time around.

Well, last night I finished the game. A thoroughly enjoyable drawn out final battle with some tough moments. I was very lucky to survive several waves and was thankful that it would give your characters the opportunity to rise if felled after a wave or phase had ended. I think Jaakon and my mage were the only two alive towards the end. I got some strong BG2 vibes from the battle music at times.

Here's the run down on my character at the conclusion of the game:

Vigamortis Rimefang

Level 13
Adventure Points: 12445 VI: 52 AE: 70

CO: 13
CL: 17
IN: 14
CH: 13
DE: 11
AG: 12
CN: 14
ST: 11

The game is a little shorter than the first as others have said, but with a tighter narrative focus. If only we could have seen a Drakensang 3 with the party configuration options from the first game with all of the improvements that the River of time brought forward, I think we'd have an amazing game on our hands. As it stands, The River of Time was still a delightful little adventure that I enjoyed very much.
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