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October 7th, 2011, 11:29
Rampant Games has updated Frayed Knights, jumping the version to up to v1.04. The full list of changes is a bit long for a newsbit, so here are the new features and feature changes and follow the link above for the fix list and, of course, to access the files:
New Features:
  • You can use the standard keyboard numbers 1-4 to choose the target friendly character in Spell target selection menu.
  • The critical hit bonus of a weapon is now displayed in item data window in the inventory screen.
  • Spacebar acts the same as the enter key for advancing dialogs and other windows.
  • Venric’s store now has a short bow and a chain mail hauberk. This only affects new games, not existing saved games.
  • Character base attack and defense scores (with current equipment, including shields) now displayed on character sheet.
Feature Changes:
  • Slightly improved chance of success on searching.
  • Luck provides a small bonus for searching.
  • Hidden items now have a slightly larger discovery radius.
  • Line-of-sight checks added to certain hidden items to avoid detecting items on another floor.
  • Change text in options menu from “Full Screen Video” to “Play Full Screen” to prevent some confusion.
  • Removed penalty for search checks for triggered traps. (Meaning – it’s a trap you just stumbled upon without searching it out first)
  • Slight increase in all character’s magic defense to compensate for bug-fix on magical attack hit chance.
  • Slight position change of some hidden objects to make them less annoying to find or work better with line-of-site checks.
  • Added dice roll on results for magical attacks.
More information.
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