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October 9th, 2011, 06:58
Buy the game guys, its worth it for the rat quest alone!
While I agree that one gets used to the UI, its nonetheless true that it could and should be improved in a number of ways. I am sure this will be valuable feedback for Jay to make part 2 even better. The inconsistent art direction has been mentioned. To me the music would be another big thing: it doesn't fit the lighthearted tone so well. Something like the Pirates of the Carribean title music would work well for the title, maybe something more lighthearted and more reduced for exploration.
I have two technical complaints: The sound sometimes act funky (stops partially, suddenly goes loud, etc.) and in full screen, sometimes mouse clicks cause the game to loose focus and you are sent to the desktop. Thankfully it never crashes at least so you can just Alt-tab back.
I am really enjoying nyself inspite of these rough edges though, it's fun and addictive. And I had some good laughs.
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