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October 9th, 2011, 08:48
Winning the IGF, selling a whole bunch of copies WITHOUT Steam (hint, hint…), getting a lot of press elsewhere. Basically, the guys handling new submissions are pretty swamped.

And there are a number of indie games that I don't want to mention (in some cases I know stuff I've been asked not to share publicly) that do get on Steam, get on the front page, release weekend, the initial 10% off sale off of an already low price and… they get nuthin'. Nothing might mean a total of a couple hundred sales, but when you are discounted down to making only $7 per sale (or less), you've pretty much blown your big chance.

And I don't know this for sure (I don't know if Steven Peeler knows, either), but I suspect that the big reason Din's Curse is not on Steam right now is because Depths of Peril wasn't a big performer on Steam many years ago.

Anyway - bottom line is that getting on Steam is definitely a Big Deal for any indie. But my personal feeling is that you can't build your business around something you don't have any control over. You plan for it not happening, and if it does, it's a bonus.
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