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October 10th, 2011, 07:42
Tried Fort Zombie again, new update patched up.

I'm sorry, it's just an awful game, there's no two ways about it…. I can endure some bad, but this game started giving me a migraine. There's a good concept here, it's ideally the game ive always wanted, but the execution is just so irretrievably poor.

Weapons suck, at near point blank range you should be able to take down zombies quick w/ a firearm. Stamina is nil, zombies see you from a good distance and come a runnin'. Lots of ducking around corners while you recoup from running a half block, and just pray there's nothing waiting for you because you cannot attack when tired and youre the worst shot ever. Copy/paste on a lot of stuff (like house interior contents) to where the environment gets boring quick, same stash places everywhere. Wonky controls. I wont bash the graphics too much because overall the game isnt that terrible looking, but the zombies really do look bad. The animations are laughable. Zombies fall apart at the hit (or ten) of a crowbar, parts go flying. The AI.. now I know zombies are stupid, but these things make every movie zombie youve ever seen look like geniuses. And where's the option to save the goddamn game? I made it to the police station (my chosen fort) and cleared it out, and that's all I could endure.

I kept hitting random keys hoping for a suicide button like on the Postal games.
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