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October 10th, 2011, 21:06
They don't break the third wall THAT much. Though it does seem that while it might dissuade some people from even trying it, the vast majority who do find themselves liking it or at least deciding that it's "not that bad." I tried to avoid going full-on obnoxious with the tongue-in-cheek. I prefer the kinds of comedy that are more character and plot based, and the best comedy gets downright serious at times.

But I learned in a previous game that some folks (particularly a couple of thick-witted reviewers who are thankfully no longer reviewing games so far as I can tell) just don't get anything remotely "subtle," and if you don't make the humor obvious early on, they'll think you are trying to do serious poorly and failing at it.

And having some spells like "Power Word: Defenestrate" or a "Quarterstaff of Nad-Whacking" - while pretty low humor - were sometimes just too much fun to leave aside. And when Kevin and I were bouncing ideas off each other about the Rats of Nom quest, I was literally laughing out loud. I hope some of the quests in the later games work on that same level.
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