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October 11th, 2011, 00:44
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
You really think they're moving people away from the SP team to work on multi-player? Wow.
Every feature in a game, no matter how minor, is a trade off in terms of man hours when there's only so many to go around before the deadline, not to mention testing and so forth.

I don't think they yanked people away, no, but I do think some resources were diverted. They didn't just wave a wand and have multiplayer up and working.

I also somehow doubt EA gave them extra time to add the multiplayer. Especially since this game is set to release before their all import fiscal year end deadline, so it is coming out in March come hell or high water. That being the case, it's very likely that in order to add the multiplayer, they had to cut corners on something else.
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