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October 11th, 2011, 00:58
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
The problem Drakensang really had was the it was cold. No life, felt sterile. The characters came across wooden.
Admittedly I haven't played the first game and from what I hear it's not nearly as good, but I have played TRoT and I don't feel that way about it at all.

I think the charactizations were all pretty good. Also, I liked how they made the towns feel really alive with people actually doing things. You see people hanging out of windows, fishing, a woman chasing her husband etc. They aren't all just standing around like brain dead idiots like almost every other RPG. I think in terms of atmosphere TRoT did a really good job.

No one can deny Bioware kicks ass when it comes to emotion display on its characters, for instance….just compare two worlds 2(fun game, horrible character interaction/writing) with say dragon age or any other bioware game for that matter.
"Kicks ass" is relative. I hated the writing in DA2 with a passion. It's too snarky, self aware, trying really hard too be cool and edgy.

Past Bioware titles, sure. But their new stuff very much turns me off.
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