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October 11th, 2011, 01:40
Nice catch Hurls - I didn't see that they were playing.
From their output, I have Gone:A Collection of Eps and One More Step and You Die.
Really beautiful music.

Hang in there mate, keep those claws unfurled and as sharp as you can.
I completely agree on the cathartic nature of doom. I've been listening to it for many years now and it's always been there when I've needed it. It's definitely a sub-genre of a sub-genre these days though! So many sub-types around now.

Thanks for the Blood Ceremony tracks - I have the first album, but not the most recent release. Reminds me of Jethro Tull meets Sabbathy parts with sprinklings of Black Widow; (a band I quite like actually) particularly in the ritualistic elements and female vocals. Not bad at all, although I'd probably lean more in favour of earlier stuff like Witchcraft's first album or Burning Saviour's second album (Hundus) for that brand of 70's edged folk oriented doom rock.

Thanks for the gothic doom recommendations - I've not got into either of those groups you mention, though they're quite well known. This genre is a stickler for me since it's hard to pin down and the notion of what is "gothic" is subjective to people. For me, generally, it means a more romantic or feeling laden music which is more atmospheric, ambient and perhaps even psychedelic than traditional doom.

I like early-mid period Anathema (especially the Silent Enigma and Eternity) Tiamat (Wildhoney) Early-mid period My Dying Bride and very early Celestial Season.
There were two Australian acts that play the style quite well - Chalice and Avrigus, the latter of which has an operatic/orchestral edge.

Why does so much music I like come for Sweden I often wonder?
Diddledy high,
Diddledy low,
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You've a goodly way to go.
- Brilhasti Ap Tarj
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