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October 11th, 2011, 10:56
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
You really think they're moving people away from the SP team to work on multi-player? Wow.
EA/Bio decides to expend X amount of resources on Mass Effect 3.

If the combined development for all teams represent 100% resources, then how do you figure MP won't affect the SP portion?

The only way MP wouldn't affect SP is if they had planned it as SP only, and decided to provide more resources that they wouldn't have used if it was SP only. If the plan was always MP/SP - then there's still the combined amount of resources that could have been SP only.

MP isn't necessarily not worth it, and for me - cooperative MP is one way in which I think many games can be much better than if they were SP only - regardless of the lost resources. But it needs to be the entire campaign - because the most enjoyable aspect of Bioware games is the story - and the most enjoyable aspect of cooperative gaming is to share the fun.

With all that, I'm sure the business aspect of this feature is sound. The core audience would buy ME3 almost no matter what, and with MP - they're likely to expand their target somewhat.

But I'm not sure there's a big market for separate coop missions. I never understood that kind of feature, but maybe there are lots of people out there keen to do that kind of MP?




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