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October 12th, 2011, 09:49
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
In all seriousness though, i would have expected Obsidian to hire Cain in a creative role in order to assist in areas they needs more work on, i.e., world design, "immersion elements" as related to atmosphere and tone, how to build a consistent and unique setting, etc. Those are Troika strengths that would really benefit and add to the already solid writing of Obsidian.
How much of those are Boyarsky or Anderson strengths, rather than Tim? I don't think they were strengths of his "own" Troika project. I don't know the answer, by the way, just a thought.

There's also what he wanted to do and what Obsidian (assuming this is true) had in terms of open roles.

As for being a game director…well, again, there are only so many of those. As a final thought (and this is just an observation, not an assertion) Troika "mutinied" way back when…Feargus and co might have to weigh Tim's skill against a past history of differing views. Anyway, there are a lot of variables. The guy may well be most happy banging out some code.
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