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October 12th, 2011, 23:09
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
It was myself standing around much of the fight doing nothing as a Geode, Fayris plucking away with incendiary arrows (sometimes +3 elven arrows), Cano laying down three traps followed by a star scatter (ad nauseam), and Forgrimm spamming taunt. Early on in the fight, several diamond whetstones helped (guaranteed 3 damage), but I quickly ran out of them.

Very long and very tedious But definitely gratifying.

…oh, late in the fight, I also put my geode to work with Treat Wounds as short term regeneration for Forgrimm to conserve Oneberry juice.
I used zero seals(difficulty setting - hard) that fight took me ~30 mins to complete… Definitely gratifying, and actually required a complete tactical overhaul to pull off after getting slaughtered the first time.

1) Preparations
- Party was lvl 7
- My character: battlemage with AE regen bonus and AE regen robe/shirt
- 50 oneberry juice
- 20 magic potions
- 30 bear traps
- 175 flaming arrows
- Battlemage buffed everyone but himself(fayris gave courage or intuition) with atr con. BM and Fayris both use fastness of body too.
- Fayris summons lvl 7 helpful paw.

2) The fight

- Forgrimm tanks, till traps are placed by Cano then runs towards them with the Zant following.
- Fayris shoots flaming arrows and uses the marksman talent or tempest when able. The arrows don't entirely negate his regen but they help immensely.
- Cano places bear traps only(the zant teleports too much to fire off stardust consistently)
- Fayris's summoned creature dies in like 20 secs
- My battlemage with AE regen boosts loses little to no AE from the zant. Also with ~70AE he can fire away several culminatio spells before needing to quaff a magic potion.

3) Items used

- ~100 Flaming arrows
- 25 Oneberry juices
- 15 magic potions
- ~20 bear traps
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