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October 13th, 2011, 09:04
Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
Well as we both know there aren't that many AAA RPG titles released for the PC these days. Certainly though most RPGs released these days, even if we might consider them dumbed down in many ways, contain a higher level of customization then you see in games like BG2. I mean DAO has all the same options that BG2 has (race, class, stats) but it has many more options every time you level up. Even if you scrape the bottom of the customization barrel with something like ME2, your still picking your class and recieving customization options when you level. In fact I'd be hard pressed to come up with a current RPG that does not have some kind of skill tree/customization option when you level up. Even shooters like Deus Ex HR which aren't really designed to be RPGs give you a good amount of customization over time now.
DA:O? You mean that game that had a whopping 3 races and 3 classes to choose from?

I guess I just have a different view of what "character" customization is then. Simply having a skill tree that gives you more ways to kill stuff doesn't make me feel like the game is that much more customizable. I prefer to have more options when creating my character(s) at startup.
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