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October 13th, 2011, 17:15
Originally Posted by ikbenrichard View Post
guess i have to resort to a cracked executable ?
No point if you purchased the game - dynasty traits and weapons require an internet connection to use. I think the information on which ones you've unlocked are stored server side; though apparently they don't merely require you to login upon starting the game but also a constant connection during play. So for now if you're internet connection isn't rock solid you get to chose between being forced out in mid game without the opportunity to save (so save often) or forgoing features like dynasty traits and weapons by not using any of the offline features that require logging in.

Hopefully there's a work-around or a patch to address this soon. Unless you disable autosaves or reduce their frequency then you only probably lose 1 day. Of course if it happens right after several tough battles on a single turn and in latter stages in larger maps this can represent a decent chunk of time and accomplishment. I have tested this on my system it it does indeed kick me out of my single player game when I unplug my network cable during game play. Luckily my application drive is a fairly peppy SSD - which might explain why auto/quick/normal saves don't seem to take as long as some on the official forums have been seeing. Some people do disable/change the autosave settings because the time it takes to perform these saves can be frustratingly long for some people; for them I just hope their internet connection is reliable or that they don't mind missing out on the unique dynasty artifacts and passive bonus traits.

Another potentially frustrating and infuriating problem for those without access to rock-solid constant connections is that all save games created when you are connected are completely inaccessible/incompatible if you chose to play without connecting. That means if your internet goes down due to anything from construction to mischevious gremlins then even your last autosave will not be useable until you regain connectivity. From their official FAQ:

Also the offline, and online saves are structured differently due to slight differences in the campaign script related to the online bonuses collected during the campaign, so they are not compatible with each other at the moment.
I never would have expected this from UbiSoft - a company renowned for their judiciously sparse and unobtrusive use of DRM. I just can't beleive the same company that published consumer friendly titles like Settlers 7 would do screw it up this badly. Maybe from a company like Stardock or Spiderweb, but never UbiSoft. Sigh, what is the world coming to when our most cherished and trusted soulless multinational corporations stop caring about their customers.
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