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October 13th, 2011, 19:43
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Well there is a workaround crack to play offline already. Use it it at your own risk as you might not be able to go back online after.
The way some features - dynasty traits and weapons - are scripted into the game renders them inaccessible without a live connection to UbiSoft servers. This is the reason why saves created while online can't be opened if you lose connectivity - those features do not simply turn on and off based on whether or not you're connected. The code references for these features - according to UbiSoft -do not refer to locally stored objects or values but instead instruct the game to refer to server-side data.

If you legally purchased the game you do not need a crack to play offline - you simply play in offline mode exclusively which prevents any and all access to the features I mentioned. Installing the crack gains you nothing - it simply bypasses the activation on initial launch allowing you to play the same offline mode without ever logging in. This has the disadvantage of effectively making the choice to switch back to online mode more involved and potentially requiring a re-installation - should you decide you want dynasty features or to play multiplayer.

A third party solution will have to be far more substantive than what a crack ammounts to as it will require modding the game code so that the references will point to locally defined variables, values, and objects. It would also require the game to be modified to either cease distinguishing between online mode and offline mode saves otherwise the game will simply refuse to open those saves when offline. Failing that there a third party fix for this particularly intrusive means of encouraging a constant connection would require a locally spoofed/emulated server and for any attempts to connect to UbiSoft to be redirected to it. Both of these potentials for third party fixes will require time and effort - and given the inability to look at the operations server-side a heavy modification of the game itself is more likely but still nothing that will happen very quickly if at all.
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