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October 14th, 2011, 06:07
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I have to say that if you want what's tops on my gothic doom list, try Draconian's "where lovers mourn" or Tristania's "widows weeds", both acts changed their sound later but those are the quintessential gothic doom albums for both.
I had no idea there were so many like minded individuals as far as music is concerned. It's wonderful!

As for gothic doom, I'd also recommend two of Tristania's albums: Widow's Weeds and Beyond the Veil. Widow's Weeds takes a more gloomy, slow melancholy approach while Beyond the Veil is a more fast paced, powerful choir based album. I would consider Widow's Weeds is a personal favorite, though.

Draconian's album Where Lovers Mourn is also wonderful. Although, I dropped that off my favorite list some time back.

You may enjoy Lethian Dreams as well. I absolutely adore it, but others comment on how some of their music tends to drag on. The Bleak Silver Streams album has songs that are each at least 8 minutes in length, with roughly six tracks, I believe.

Lethian Dreams - Severance

Trail of Tears and The Sins of Thy Beloved were great before they both disbanded after their first couple albums, if I recall correctly. I like to think of them as a mixture of Doom/Gothic.

I'd have to say that my most listened to band at the moment is Sirenia (though particularly their first two albums, as I was generally disappointed in anything after produced thereafter).

Sirenia - At Sixes and Sevens

Lately though, I've found myself slowly moving away from the heavy, bombastic beats of metal and more toward symphonic music (usually a lot of Gregorian chanting involved of a choir of some sort). It may be due to my current mood and state of mind, but at the moment I find it absolutely captivating, such as Sirenia's Obire Mortem. It certainly sets an atmosphere, and that's what I aim for in my taste of music. Of course, Tristania's very oldest works far outclass them, in my opinion.

Tristania - Preludium…
Tristania - …Postludium
Tristania - Sirene
Sirenia - Obire Mortem

An then, there's my all time favorite neoclassical act, Dark Sanctuary.

Dark Sanctuary - Funerailles
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