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October 14th, 2011, 22:17
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Looks great actually. Only problem is that it's for the iphone. I would like to play this on the PC. That and the JRPG influence. It's not enough for me to pass on it, it is just a little annoying playing games like that sometimes. There are exceptions like Recettear, Puzzle Quest, Cute Knight and Grotesque Tactics. I can handle those games mostly because they're not full fledged RPGs. Maybe with the exception of Cute Knight. Though not really sure what category that game would be under.

Oh well, I have an iphone and will grab this game when it's released. Thanks for posting.

Love the formations btw.
Cheers man, I'm glad it's piqued your interest!

We're an indie outfit working out of an attic, so iOS was the way to go with what resources we had. We'd love to expand out towards different platforms once the opportunity is open to us!

Might I ask where do you feel the JRPG influence coming from? The portraits? Style of play? The way dialogue is shown? I've been more of a WRPG player myself so I'm surprised that JRPG was mentioned. =P My business partner is huge into JRPGs, so perhaps that's where some of it is coming from. Shrugs.

Annoyingly, there's no multiquote option that I can find here, so.. to avoid posting too much since I'm posting some character stuff after this I'll try to address everything here.

Tanno, Alrik and Vidder:
We do have plans to port to Steam.. but on the Mac side, since the structure between iOS and OSX is simple enough to port. If we do well enough, I really wouldn't mind porting to PC. I'd love to share Ravenmark with more people.

I respect your decision, and thank you for sharing.

I'm really sorry. I think the main reason developers are so afraid of android is that piracy is rampant and developer support is really poor. It's even more daunting for indie set ups like us.. we really can't afford to get burnt.

Thanks for the well wishes either way! It's much appreciated!
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