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October 16th, 2011, 04:15
Originally Posted by jhwisner View Post
The free items mentioned are levellable artifacts - many of them are given to you in cutscenes in the campaigns. You just don't actually get them unless you play entirely online and logged in - even in single player. This means if you don't play always on then you're being denied plot based rewards and the game sort of rubs it in your face by showing you the items you WOULD have gotten and then saying "but you didn't since you're not using Conflux."
Wow. That's just…wow. I think that's got to be a new low even for Ubi. I was thinking these items were just some extra tacked on, likely overpowered and superfluous junk like pre-order DLC. But that they would take actual plot items given as rewards in cut scenes during the campaigns and carve them out for offline users as a penalty? Shameful.
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