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October 16th, 2011, 05:19
Hey, just in case anyone found the game made them motion sick…

Turn off "Vegetation Animation."

Never had a game make me feel sick before, either, and wasn't sure if it was the game or not until I messed with the settings. Even after the trees stopped moving I could kinda still see them moving in my mind. Sickly.

The game is good, BTW. Best tactical battles of the series. Best character progression. Best balance. I like having less resource types and the Fort system which really helps keep a lot of boring mine recapture play out of the game. There's a lot less tediousness going on.

Though I'm kinda pissed I'll have to buy an expansion before I can play wizards or dungeons or elves. Such is life.

Also, Kings Bounty will ALWAYS have the missing "Turn of Red AI…." over homam.

Some times in heroes6 all you do in a turn is think "3 days until unit restock, better start heading back." and watch more loading bar than actual gameplay.
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