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October 16th, 2011, 05:59
Well I find the lack of release-day reviews from the major sites slightly encouraging - not about the game but about those sites taking a real critical look at the game. Yeah I know I'm just being naive and overly optimistic there aren't I? Of course meta-critic is already flooded by praise-filled, strangely short, similarly worded "critic" reviews from sites that appear to be little more than high-budget blogs.

I feel similarly to fadedc; I enjoy the game but some of the policy and operational decisions here are confounding and just plain bad. I suppose should not be seen as unexpected when considered along side similar decisions made for games like settlers - but the extent to which they penalize legitimate users the same way as pirates is more than merely disrespectful. That they called plot-related items rewarded in voiced-over cut-scenes in the single player campaigns "extras" and called the offline-mode "fully featured" seems more than just disingenuous.

On a side-note, the moderators on the Heroes section of the official UbiSoft forums are rather good. One of them in particular was the one who informed me of the extent and implications of the Dynasty integration into single player game-play and its ramifications on save games. They did so without attempting to justify it or spin it - they just said what it was and what it meant. I might have a little bit of a crush.
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