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October 16th, 2011, 13:30
If XFO's creator had been more active I'd say use his because you can customize it to the way you want. For example you can slow down leveling by x2 or x3 or even increase it, but since he doesn't update it very often (or at least since the new patches have been release) I would say just use Project Nevada's rebalance. It's what I use and I don't feel like I'm leveling up at lightspeed. I really do love XFO's mods in both F3 and NV, but he doesn't seem to finish what he starts.

Ummmm, can't help you with turning respawning off. I always increase it Actually I didn't even know there was a way to turn it off completely. I know you can slow it down or increase it though.

I found a No More Respawn mod, but I highly doubt it actually works.

There's one more mod that might work according to the comments, but it hasn't been updated since 2010: FNV Respawn Timer You could adjust the respawn rate so high that the enemies never respawn.

You can also do this with the console. But you would have to redo it every time you started New Vegas. If you know anothing about the geck you could make your own mod. From what I hear it's not that hard to do. It's just one console command telling it the respawn rate in hours. However I know absolutely nothing about actually making these mods. I just use them
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