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October 16th, 2011, 18:28
Originally Posted by Tanno View Post
I mean that I have 1 PC and 1 laptop. To avoid the viruses I don't have internet connection in my Mac laptop and MacOS, so I want to download the full game here from this PC, which I have internet connection and Windows 7, and to transfer it to my MacOS. Get it?

I usually watch or do my jobs with this laptop, even in my bed. So I'd love to try out a new style. Bed-gaming, ehich means I 'd love to try playing, while I rest up in my bed.
Ah, I see.

I would've thought you'd do it the other way around! Considering Windows is more inclined to viruses. It's something to think about I guess? Either way it's gonna be some time before we port it to Mac to be honest. There's still lots to do since we have a huge story to tell.. I think we have penned down four Arcs with about 2-3 Campaigns in each and we wanna figure out hotseat play as well.

Heh, to me bed-gaming = iPhone/iPad.
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