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Default Opeth / Katatonia tour

October 18th, 2011, 07:55
I was at the Opeth / Katatonia show in Portland last night, so here's a brief review for anyone who might be planning to catch this tour.

Katatonia opened and they were very good. They were actually heavier than Opeth (more on that in a second). They played a good mix of their newer material and some of their older stuff. I'm not super familiar with all of their albums but I've always enjoyed them - great, dark, emotive music.

Now on to Opeth. I can sum it up like this: if you like the "new direction" they are taking with the Heritage album - you will love the show. If you prefer Still Life, Blackwater Park, Deliverance, and Ghost Reveries (like I do) - you will be very disappointed. They didn't play any songs that had the growled vocals or extreme metal elements. The played a few older songs but they were softer ones, like "Face of Melinda" from Still Life.

I was disappointed with Opeth's set but I still had fun. They are great musicians there is no doubt about that. I just am not sure I like the "new" Opeth as much as the one I knew. To me, the mixture of heavy / soft and extreme / delicate elements of the old albums has always been part of their appeal. Now they are mostly just prog with very little metal at all.
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