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October 18th, 2011, 08:34
Making the list wasn't so bad. I wanted to download updated versions to the files I had for a new round of New Vegas so might as well post a few links while I do it. Took about 5 or 6 hours I think, but it took all weekend to get mostly everything running as smooth as silk. I got it all working to which amazed the hell out of me Although I changed OJO Bueno to POCO Beuno and installed NMC over that and then Vurt's over that. New Vegas has never looked so beautiful.

I got a few more mods that I'm using and will post links when I get home, but I'm really surprised I got everything running so smoothly this time around. Normally I'll try to install some really cool mods and then mess it up somehow or add in too many that conflict. So then I'll just install a big one, some of the smaller ones that I know won't conflict and some texture packs. But thanks to Gopher's videos I have around thirty mods (probably a lot more than that) installed, a never before understood immersive hud, shaders are working properly, nothing is conflicting at all and my bash patch doesn't have one once of red in it. It's running without any problems or stutters. Well, I'm having problems with the music skipping, but that has to do with my codecs.

There are a lot of videos to watch and they're really long, but I highly recommend watching them. The dude is my hero now
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