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October 18th, 2011, 09:15
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
Tried Fort Zombie again, new update patched up.

I made it to the police station (my chosen fort) and cleared it out, and that's all I could endure.
LOL, yea Fort Zombie isn't for everyone, but I can tell you that I was where you were at when I first started the game. I couldn't figure out what the hell to do and the searching annoyed me to no end.

In the end, I stuck with it to see if it gets better and it does. Building up the fort and going on missions was half the fun. If you find a certain NPC the whole game gets so much easier and even if you don't find this person you can still bring NPC with you to help you deal with the zombies. The first sprint to your base is such a bad idea that I'm surprised they didn't get rid of it when they patched the game up. Let me start at my base or better yet let me start at a fortified base and show me how all of the traps and fortifications work. I died a few times because I simply didn't understand how to make the traps and fortifications.

The first time I saw the doctor picking up pieces of zombie and putting them back together I thought WTF, I didn't see that coming.

It does have a ton of flaws and it's an acquired taste (sorta like cottage cheese). My love of zombie and RPG won out over my issues with Fort Zombie. However, when Dead State is finally released I doubt I'll ever play it again. It's just one of the few zombie games that actually has an RPG system right now. It's decent enough and fun enough to waste my time with, but you have to really want to like this game to have fun.

You might enjoy Rogue Survivor a bit more if you can handle roguelike graphics or better yet grab the demo for Project Zomboid. Even though they just had a major setback the alpha they have right now is still worth the 8 pounds.

Trust me I think you will love Project Zomboid. I was pretty sure that most people won't like Fort Zomboid because the game takes some time to get used to, but PZ is ten times better. It's hard though and you ALWAYS die. It's just how long you survived that is the attraction right now. Can't wait for a mod to give me a way to make a permanent fort or something other than dieing each game.
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