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October 18th, 2011, 10:33
KotOR 2 - TSL restoration mod.

I've played this game a few times already, but never got further than the first couple of locations. Not entirely sure why, but I recently had a change of heart in terms of the type of character I play. I always, exclusively, played a Jedi Guardian/Light Side.

Now, I've discovered the wonders of the Sentinel class and the skill-heavy type of character. It's almost an entirely new game like this, and I'm having a great time so far. With the prestige class combinations, it's really quite deep when compared to Bioware's latest sci-fi offerings. I'm going to try a Dark Side Sith Assassin this time

I'm hoping I'll finally finish it. I'm mostly doing it to get the story before I get my hands on SWTOR in december.




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