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October 18th, 2011, 14:04
Ok, new links for a better Fallout experience.

Vurt's Wasteland Flora Overhaul - It comes in two version. Dead Wasteland and Fertile Wasteland. I saw pics and videos of the fertile one and it's not for me. It's too green. It's beautiful, but too green. The dead wasteland keeps the overall feeling of the game while improving the textures.

You can install that on top of any other texture mods. Just make sure you install it after the others.

Flashlight NVSE - A small little mod that does exactly what it says it does. You now have a flashlight to see the critters coming at ya.

Quick Trade - Another small mod that makes trading easier. Trade with merchants without having to talk to them everytime. Just right click when facing them and you enter the trade window. Not a huge deal, but it seems to save time.

Advanced Recon mods - Five different mods adding in some stealth armor, trap detection, range finder, thermal vision (lots of different settings) and some helmets to use the other mods.

Watch this youtube vid to see them in action. The same guy that did the tutorials made these mods. I liked them all except the range finder. Didn't really see a use for that so I skipped it.

That's about it for now. I'm finishing up a few minor touches such as a new pipboy and some way to make the NPCs less orange without messing up due to MoMod.
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