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October 18th, 2011, 15:58
Originally Posted by pibbur0x2a View Post
I like both instances of Opeth, I don't mind their new direction, as I like both metal and prog rock.
Well, in my case itīs not about genre preferences, but simply about perceived quality.
I consider Heritage overall average-at-best not because itīs prog rock.
I think quite the same about Watershed - and thatīs still album more in the vein of "old" Opeth - because it suffers from what I consider similar deficiencies.
I like Damnation a lot more than both and thatīs pretty much prog rock as well, though maybe not as typically so as Heritage.

Anyway, Steven Wilson - Grace for Drowning (2011)
When it comes to prog and as far as Iīm concerned, now weīre talking .
Canīt say I enjoyed the latest Porcupine Tree or Blackfield, but this solo hit the spot.
Remainder the Black Dog
Kinda hard to do the album justice with few songs as itīs a pretty eclectic one and works well as a whole.

Originally Posted by pibbur0x2a View Post
Came across this band/project on emusic: Öresund Space Collective. A psychedelia/prog rock outfit from Denmark. Here's Rumble part 1 from their Black Tomato album.
This rawks.
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