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October 18th, 2011, 19:59
Originally Posted by Fnord View Post
I tried the emulator and to my surprise I could run Viewtiful Joe on it without a single problem. Still prefer to play that game with a GC controller, but at least it was quite doable.

Anyway, started Xenoblade yesterday. Still far too early for me to have an opinion on it, but I like the British voices, even if the voice acting is a bit spotty. Artistically the game is quite nice as well, but from a technical point of view it really lags behind (low res textures, blocky models). But I consider artistic style to be a lot more important than the technical side of things.
It looks somewhat better on Dolphin. I'm running at 1920x1080 16xQ CSAA 16x AF. The character models look pretty decent and the landscape views are quite nice. When you get close up to a cliff or wall it's fairly pixelated but I don't think there's much you can do about that beyond yanking out the textures and replacing them with new ones.

(@Vurt: is that even doable? I know someone yanked out the images for the control buttons and replaced them with 360 ones so I assume yes, but it would be quite the job to redo whole landscape ones)

I really like the game for what it is. It's fairly open for a JRPG with lots of room to run around. Some of the areas are quite huge. Overall I think it's a great game. It would have been better served on the PS3 though IMO as the Wii just isn't an RPG oriented platform and Nintendo of America is even flat out refusing to release it in spite of the English localization already having been done.

I wish it had a true PC port though and that we would get more good JRPGs like this localized for the PC. The last one was really The Last Remnant. I don't know, I guess they just don't see to PC gamers.
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