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October 18th, 2011, 21:06
Why can't it be Age of Wonders still getting graphical enhancements/rehashes?

Played quite a bit of HOMM6 (demo) this weekend.

Lots of good: 2D art, 3D animations, the musical score, large bestiary, slick interface.

Some bad: Draconian DRM, bugs, balance issues, AI

Like others have noted in this thread, I too feel that the HOMM mechanic of weekly recruiting to assemble massive stacks is just tired (after 20 years).

While the hero skill tree is large, I felt myself reaching for the same ones over again (a might 'build' and a build for each of the schools of magic. Is fun to mix and match, and I do like that recruited heroes get bonus spell/+10% type innate perks.

With Steam's holiday sales right around the corner, the only way I touch this title again is a sub $20 price tag and/or dropping of the online requirements for campaign/dynasty stuff.

Back to Shadow Magic! <- Would pay $99 for a modernized version of
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