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October 19th, 2011, 21:57
I used to be very adamant about games being art like movies or books.

But I have come to another conclusion that is simply: Depends.

Games often are compared to Movies or Books. But people forget that games should be compared to Audiovisual materials, Literary materals or Audio materials.

Audiovisual materials can be movies (which are considered art), but also documentaries or gameshows or reality tv or sports broadcasts and those last four aren't always art.

From the literrary angle you have fiction and non-fiction. Fiction is often art and non-fiction is more informational.

I don't really consider any form of the FIFA games to be art by definition.

Not every video of something is a movie, a broadcast of a football match is not art.

Maybe I'm thinking to much about it, but personally I think not even the most clasic painters were really artists, some were, but others just painted portrets just as a photographer takes your picture so they can put it on your ID.

My final conclusion actually winds down to the fact that a video, a book an audio fragment and a game aren't art by being what they are but you also can't say they aren't art. So a strict sentence like "Games aren't art" is as nonsensical as "Movies are ART period!"
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