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October 20th, 2011, 00:54
I have to agree. There were two things I liked in this Q&A. First is the housing, which I somehow missed before. I know many folks look down on this … but when I am getting immersed in a game I just love that aspect. Even in BG2 I loved being a Ranger who got his own cottage.

What sort of Player Housing can we expect? Are there multiple options of houses and/or upgrades? – By KazeeSiH

A: The world of Amalur boasts a wide array of player housing options. Player homes will be full of variety and fun; some will offer unique things others will not. All of the player housing will offer at least a stash box to store your items, a mirror to customize your appearance, and a bed to sleep and heal in.

In addition to those basic features, you may also find that when you upgrade some of the homes, you'll unlock certain types of workbenches to craft at as well. This makes working with different crafting systems, such as Alchemy or Blacksmithing, more convenient for those who invest in player home upgrades. A player home will often change its physical layout as you upgrade it. This could mean additional rooms with new areas to explore, new services, or even house guests added to the experience.

One of the player homes you can unlock via questing also comes with its own underground mines. This means as you upgrade the property, not only the home interior will change, but the underground mines will expand and grow too. This allows you even more expanded layouts to explore, both above ground and below. Player housing has been one of my favorite things to work on in Reckoning, as it offers such a diverse mix of rewards. It's a wonderful feeling when you unlock a place that is all your own for the first time. Have fun exploring! – By Kitty "Neko" Hughes, Level Designer
I also found this intriguing … weapons that change damage depending on the time of day.

What types of "unique" loot will be in game? We've heard about the magical daggers that do ice damage during the day and fire at night, and I think someone mentioned about a sword with an eyeball that swirled around the blade, is there any hope for sentient weapons, special armor, or trinkets that may be considered engineered marvels of wonder? – By Falkon

A: There is a great breadth of unique items that you can find throughout Amalur, many of which were "lored" by Internationally Celebrated Game Designer and visionary Ken Rolston, himself! Some of them, like the Warsworn Commander Ballegar’s claymore, named "Fortune" are famed for bringing riches to the wielder (one of the buffs increases the amount of gold you find). Others, such as the Faeblades, are manifestations of magic.

Much like the Fae themselves, each unique pair of Faeblades embodies an aspect of nature; more specifically, they represent the natural categories of animal. As a sneak peak of these weapons, here are the Fae proverbs associated with a few pairs:

"Treachery is a poison."

"The greatest danger is barely seen."

"Fire separates, and renews."

You'll have to explore the world of Amalur to discover the rest of the Faeblade proverbs yourself. – By Narrative Designer Alex "xael" Horn
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