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October 20th, 2011, 03:04
If you are going to play HoMM V all you need is the last expansion Tribes of the East and this patch and you can play all the Campaigns and maps with the ok from Ubisoft- read this from the Rock, Paper, Shotgun forums, can't recommend it enough.

"On an aside, HoMM5 might have had some issues at first, but expansions + fan-works have probably made it my favorite game in the series. Not bought HoMM6 yet (don't have the money), but it's well worth checking it out now if you'd previously been disappointed in it.

Most notably, the latest fan-patch disables all AI cheats. Enemy heroes are fighting you on equal footing, and don't get any free units or stat boosts. The AI in general has been improved to compensate, though, and it can put up a solid fight.

It also includes a scenario by the lead mission designer on HoMM6.

I recently updated my all-in-one content pack for HoMM5, too. Just apply it to a patched-up (v3.1) copy of HoMM5: Tribes of The East (skip the previous two releases, you don't need them) and it adds:

The latest fan-patch; Huge optimizations on AI think times, smarter AI, no cheating enemies.
All the content (with official Ubisoft blessing) from HoMM5 vanilla and Hammers of Fate. Campaigns, scenarios, multiplayer maps & all. These all play better than they used to, as you can use the new features from Tribes of The East, like caravans.
6 additional new scenarios/maps.

Future fan-patches are apparently going to include long-term strategic AI, so the enemy can actually put together a game-plan and carry it out, a new campaign based around the new AI framework, and the Hall Of Decision - a tiebreaker mode for over-long skirmish/multiplayer matches, where the top hero from each faction is taken to a small arena map where they gear up and fight to the death in just a few turns. Ambitious, but I reckon they've got a good chance of making it work."
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