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October 20th, 2011, 14:51
Thank you for your very supportive attitude, Lurking Grue. Or should I teach the rest of you some Finnish, and say "kiitos" [pronounce it "key toss", and you'll be understood]!

And thanks to kasp as well, for your differing opinion. The top-down viewpoint in Driftmoon is a thing that does divide opinions, but luckily we've had a lot of very encouraging comments from people who've originally suspected the view, but have been positively surprised with the game AND the view, once they've started playing. When making a game, one has to understand that it's unfortunately not possible to fill every request, but that doesn't mean that voicing out your wishes wouldn't be allowed.

Here's what our lead developer (and my husband) Ville wrote just a few weeks ago:
"Why is Driftmoon top-down?
It's top-down because I tend to get lost in games with a first person view. The perspective also makes it very easy and intuitive to control your character. We can also make all of our characters from cleverly placed sprite sheets, so it's very easy to make new characters and monsters in the game. That is a big time-saver for modders, and it's left us a lot more possibility to fine-tune other aspects of the game. If you haven't had the chance to play any top-down games before, the perspective might feel a bit weird at first, especially when looking at the screenshots. But when you actually play Driftmoon, I promise you will get used to the viewpoint in a matter of minutes - that's what I've been told by some of our preorderers."

We've given the matter a lot of thought at an earlier point, and with our very small team, we feel this is certainly the best choice. It gives us the opportunity to make a game with nice and finished contents - with a completely 3D view (ours is a semi-3D view from the top) the two of us would probably never get the game done, even with our high level of determination. Now I'm glad to say we most definitely will finish Driftmoon in the near future, and we'll do it as well as we can! I hope you'll, one day soon, be immersed in exploring Driftmoon, with a smile on your lips!
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