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October 22nd, 2011, 05:02
Ive decided to really try and get into Morrowind for about the 943729th time. I know there is a game in there for me. I love first person perspective. I love dungeon crawling. Im a loot whore. However the combat and the conversation system turn me off every single time. Ive pretty much only seen Sayda Neen and Balmora, and a tiny bit of Vivec and Ald'ruhn in all of my times starting the game.

This time I decided to try something different though. Just to get I me into the game a bit before I ultimately quit again, I decided to play as kind of a pothead! Silly, yes, but hey Im LARPing here What I need to do is ingest resin every couple of days, and when I run out, I need to stop all questing in its tracks and search around, travel, and barter until I find some that I can "smoke", then I can continue what I was doing. I chose that rather than moon sugar or skooma since its not illegal. Hopefully that will get me seeing more of the map
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