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October 22nd, 2011, 14:21
Malkavian quotes:

Ventrue in a ponderous mood "If a man is a dude and a female a
dudette, then what would one call a neuter?"
Malkavian:" A dud."
Capt. Jean St. Dupris, Clan Gangrel:
"That's the worst thing about Malkavians…you never know whether
to shoot them or listen to them. They'll either lead you right to your
goal or try to get you to go sunbathing. Wouldn't surprise me if
God was a Malkavian."
Dennis Clark:
"Do not meddle in the affairs of Malkavians, for you are crunchy and good
with ketchup!"
Chris Noonan:
"…life is like a box of Malkavians, you never know what you're
gonna get…"
Lisa (aka Holly):
"Q: What's a Malkavian? A: Portable chaos."
Gangrel, on Malkavians:
"When a Malkavian speaks, listen. When a Malkavian acts, leave.
When two Malkavians gather, run."
Malkavian saying:
"When you find yourself falling into madness, dive!"
Raven Darksaint:
"All right, let's lay down some ground rules:
1.) Don't mess with a Malkavian
2.) Don't mess with a Malkavian when there are other Malkavians around
3.) Do _not_ mess with a Malkavian who's packing enough Dominate to make you act like a playful puppy (sit, fetch, roll over, play dead….GOOD BOY!)
4.) Don't mess with a Malkavian (did I forget to mention that?)
5.) Page XX (see Werewolf: the Apocalypse)
Any questions?"
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