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October 23rd, 2011, 00:44
EA is doing a 60% off sale on Origin with the code ORIGIN60. It doesn't work on new games and pre-orders, but it will work on most other games. It also works on the 800 bioware points packs so you will be able to buy them for $4 instead of $10. Each of the Dragon Age 2 story DLC are 800 Bioware points, for reference.

Also with the code DA2, ME, and ME2 are $8 each, DA:O Ultimate is $12, etc.

The code must be used inside the Origin client, it will not work on the website. It only works for one item at a time, but you can reuse the code and make multiple transactions. Doesn't work on the 1600 Bioware point pack for some reason, just the 800.

Also may be US only, not sure, so Euro types be warned but worth a shot to try it I guess.
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