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October 23rd, 2011, 18:30
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
I don't think it is fair to compare New Vegas and Witcher 2 on the bases of the story and rpg elements alone. New Vegas used the existing engine and the know-how of fallout 3 which allowed them to focus more on the story (which Obsidian already have strength in from previous fallout games). In the case of Witcher 2, they had totally a new engine, new fighting mechanics in addition to the new story (not to mention the Premium package that the game came with) and the continuous support from CDProjekt. So it is not fair to compare the two on the bases of gameplay and story alone. Considering all of these aspects, Witcher 2 wins easily.
Well for me it comes down to the bottom line. Which was more engrossing and enjoyable overall? To me graphics and engine play a very small role in that. That being said, since I haven't gotten to the Witcher 2 (and still have not completed the first) I cannot say which was better. However, New Vegas was probably my best RPG experience since Fallout 2, and that's saying an awful lot (Dragon Age, Gothic 2, and Arcanum are all close - I know it's a sin, but I have never completed an infinity engine game, they are all back-logged).
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