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October 24th, 2011, 06:13
Originally Posted by Ragnaris View Post
and I suppose I'm also one of the few who preferred the first Witcher over the second.
I wouldnīt be so sure about the "few" quantifier.
At least among the people who liked the first game, I wouldnīt be surprised if thereīs actually a bit more of those who consider it overall a better game than the sequel.
I really enjoyed the second game as well, but if I was forced to choose Iīd go with the first one. Without going into specifics, the first game is a "classic" for me, whereas the second one, while certainly being a worthy successor of the first and whose continuation Iīm looking forward to, is "just" a very good one.

Going more into specifics, part of the above may stem from the fact I didnīt mind and actually quite liked the combat in the original so its somewhat better iteration (at least on the action side) in the sequel didnīt make much of a difference to my enjoyment of both games. I honestly didnīt find much flaws in other game aspects of the original, while I was quite constantly stumbling upon flaws in the sequel - granted, most of these were fairly minor, but it adds up.
The original felt more open and more personal, while in the sequel, despite the C&C stuff, it felt more like youīre sorta taken on a ride without much time to breathe. Iīve also found the originalīs atmosphere overall more engaging - the sequel has undoubtedly better graphics, but the art direction in the original is at least as good and it has much better soundtrack and music plays quite a major role in constituting atmosphere in a game for me.
The fourth chapter of the original was something really special.

Speaking of personal, I think the devs missed a major opportunity in this regard when they chose to make discovering Geraltīs past/identity completely non-interactive and independent on playerīs choices. It didnīt work this way in the original and Iīve found it quite poignant/cool that the quest was never moved into completed ones in the journal. That it didnīt continue in a similar manner in the sequel and the concept wasnīt expanded upon was quite a big disappointment for me.

I love all the political intrigue in the sequel, branching in the story, visuals or the gameīs down to earth ending and Roche just plain rulez, but at the end of the day, the first one was simply a more memorable experience for me overall.
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