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October 24th, 2011, 23:29
Still playing Two Worlds - at lv 18 I'm mowing thru most of the general enemies in the game. The game throws so much money at you if youre the type to gather and hit the merchants for everything you kill. It's fun tho, just starting to get into the meat of the game and quit the general roaming and questing, more looking into the factions and stuff now.

Dungeon Defenders - played the demo on XBL, didnt like it. Deleted

Costume Quest - demo XBL halloween game from Tim Schaefer. Kinda fun adventure game, but ultimately not something I want to play due to the QTE style gameplay.

Penny Arcade One the Rain Slick Precipice..: Gave it a whirl last night, RPG lite w/ tB battles and some QTE style stuff. Willing to give them some leeway because I like the style and humor, so I'll try it again but it didnt impress me that much on initial play. It was late, I was grouchy.

Going to jump back into Kohan 2 for a while, great old game I like to fire up to purge myself of demos and such
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