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October 25th, 2011, 00:02
First things, first: the aforementioned bug that prevented character saves seems to be some issue with Steam Cloud synchronization. Maybe. I disabled it, started yet another character and so far, so good.

There was also a patch last night fixing some pretty silly problems that should have been caught in Q&A (this game was initially released on mobile platforms months ago afterall). One example fix: scaling the UI to non-monolithic proportions no longer leaves it floating in the middle of the screen rather than along the edges.

At its heart, this is a tower defense game. If you love TD games, you'll find this a nice hybridization of an action rpg and defense. If you're not into TD, I doubt you'll really enjoy this game since its pretty much impossible to rein in the chaos with your character's abilities alone.

70 levels + multiplayer + a pet + the ability to trade with others online makes for a very fun experience, IMO. One annoyance that I'd like to get off my chest though… this game is $2.99 for the iPad, but $14.99 for PC. ?!?
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