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October 25th, 2011, 16:19
Originally Posted by Nikólay View Post
As i thought it were two guys. Am i right?
Yeah, one is called "Sun", but I need the name of the other one to check his dialogue. Interesting that this is a reference to a Russian TV show !

salabon= dweeb, coward, quitter…
Fixed. I have some more simple ones:
Topa hooves, gringo.
Ohrenet!*I have a bullet right next to your ear flew.*
No place for you, moochers.

Maybe you have this sentence on russian?
Hm, I can't access the Russian resource file right now. badmofo, do you think you could export the whole section about the house on the island in Russian to an excel file and upload it somewhere for Nikolay ? These are the lines around 38500.
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