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October 25th, 2011, 22:57
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Uh oh, consolitis alert!
The quickwheel is only present on PC when you plug in your Xbox 360 Gamepad and enable the option to play with that gamepad in the options of the game. If you don't use a gamepad you will be able to use your old'n trusty quickbar

The same applies to how you fill your quickbar/quickwheel. When you have enabled your gamepad you can assign weapons, potions and dirty tricks by holding one one trigger and pressing a button on your gamepad. When you don't wanna use the gamepad, just drag and drop with your mouse like before.

So essentially, when you play Risen 2 on PC you have the choice of either using a gamepad (with console interface & quickwheel) or just stick to the PC interface with drag & drop and your quickbar.

P.s. I should perhaps do a short clip about that and put it on youtube, so you can see what will be possible in the final game.

P.p.s. Ah yes, there is one more thing. We even made sure you can play the game with keyboard only. For the fans of the Gothic series that is how they are used to play it - so we actually got three different ways to play the game
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