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October 26th, 2011, 20:19
The problem with Arcania is that the game is marketed as a 'gothic game' but aside from some lore and a few characters brought over from prior games, Arcania does not play at all like a Gothic game.

The best argument I've seen to counter what I have just written is that Arcania as a game in and of itself is still a 'fun' game. This may be true, but consider this…

In year 1 you buy a nice car, we'll call it a BMW. A few years later, since you liked your BMW you decide to buy another one. You enjoy this BMW as it had everything your last BMW had plus a few more nice features at right around the same price.

The next time you go to buy a car, you decide you're getting a BMW again. You buy the car and pay a similar price. But when you get this car, it has all the appearance, functionality, and performance of a Yugo - but it does have the BMW emblem on the hood.

You complain to the car dealer that hey, this BMW is really a Yugo. The car dealer says, hey man, Yugos are great cars…

And Yugos may be decent reliable cars. But Yugos are not BMWs, which is what you were led to believe when you made the purchase.

Now my analogy is a bit silly but it gets the point across. They put 'gothic' on the box but it is no gothic. It's arguable that Arcania is a decent game, but the cold reality is that Arcania does not have any resemblence, albeit superficial, to the Gothic franchise.
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