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October 26th, 2011, 20:46
Originally Posted by TheMadGamer View Post
The problem with Arcania is that the game is marketed as a 'gothic game' but aside from some lore and a few characters brought over from prior games, Arcania does not play at all like a Gothic game.

The best argument I've seen to counter what I have just written is that Arcania as a game in and of itself is still a 'fun' game. This may be true, but consider this…
Well, personally I always try to judge the game as a game first, and as part of a series/IP second. I do feel Arcania had some Gothic-ish aspect in its tone and its in gameplay too, though I'll agree it was mostly different. But one could also argue that bringing back the same lore and characters is enough to make it part of the same IP.

I actually feel that the original plan which was to call the game "Arcania - A Gothic Tale" made more sense: it would still have been a part of the Gothic IP, but clearly marketed more as as a kind of spin-off rather than an actual Gothic 4 (though this would probably still have displeased many fans).

But while Arcania might not be a worthwile follow up to Gothic 1/2/3 as far as gameplay goes on account that it is basically a different kind of game that feels more like an action/adventure game than a true RPG - I feel that what it set out to do, it did well on the whole and that… well - it's a good game. *shrugs*

I think this is kind of an issue whenever a series goes into a different direction. Recently Dungeon Siege III is a good exemple - it good a lot of flack from fans of the first two games… but I felt it was a genuinely great Dark Alliance/Gauntlet king of game. It was nothing like DS1&2, but still pretty damn good on its own. (I actually had more fun with DSIII really… I couldn't play past a couple of hours of DS1 everytime I tried it, and DS1 was only worthwile to me because of the Ultima remakes).

Eck to take an even older exemple I could name Ultima VIII, which for good reasons dissapointed a lot of fans back in '94 - myself included. But in insight, while I would't exactly call it a "good Ultima" and I'd hardly consider it a RPG - I felt it was a good game on its own with rather good stuff even it it failed as an Ultima.

As fans we tend to be attached to a game series as it is, universe and gameplay and all - so whenever a series goes into a different direction there's this tendency to reject it but I feel we can sometime be blinded by our dissapointment and not really give the game a fair chance. But just because it becomes something drastically different, or even inferior really, doesn't mean it's bad.

I feel Arcania fell into this category personally - twas a good and fun game on the whole, perhaps not worthy of the "4" on its title, but that's secondary to the fact that I just had fun with the game. I've played games that were far worst than Arcania, so if it's supposed to be the epytome of bad gaming as I've sometime read it, well it'd take more bad game like that thank you very much :O

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