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October 27th, 2011, 06:04
Hot off completing FEAR 2 I started FEAR 3.

A few quick comments after playing FEAR 3's 1st Interval. FEAR 3… talk about a return to the roots of core tactical gameplay. The difference from FEAR 2 is jarring. I hadn't touched FEAR 2 in over a year from completing FEAR 1 and the expansions, so I had forgotten so wonderful tactical aspects of the experience… and the challenge.

I was overjoyed to be thrown back into the originals flank and cover style game play. I was getting torn to pieces! Why? Because FEAR 2 made me lazy! I also like the new cover function (replaces the FEAR 1 "lean") and I'm thrilled to have grenade impact detonation again. The grenade system in FEAR 2 simply sucked.

Anyway… great to see the team took the critique to heart. I have high hopes for this one!
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