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October 27th, 2011, 06:55
since i got nailed on Dungeons, I've been very wary of preordering anything anymore.

Scathing review from RTSguru

The steam forums for the game are a veritable nerdstorm, i found one poster particularly amusing:

"i'm inclined to think we have our hands on the "Battlefield Earth" of computer games. So classically bad, it's almost good. I'm hating it and laughing at it simultaneously. Man, my soldiers are stupid. I was cracking up just watching a dozen guards stand two feet from a catapult watching it trash my walls and apparently sipping coffee. And that was on "agressive". I suspect this thing gets even more ludicrous further in. I loved the wolf's "nest". You know, because wolves are notorious for behaving like beavers and gathering sticks and piling them up into this longhouse contraption."

One thing i hated about sh2, was the economic campaign still had you being attacked. Everyone complained about that,hated it, and here they supposedly made the same mistake again. People just want to chill and play a medieval castle sim when they play that mode, that's why they play it!
….and apparently no "skirmish" mode? That's a big no-no when it comes to RTS.

all told, I'm still strangely compelled to give it a spin out of curiosity but I'll wait til it hits 20.00. By that time hopefully it'll be patched to playable state. I loved the original game that much, some of my custom scenarios are still floating around the internet, I spent so much time playing and making stuff for Stronghold that I cant help but be curious. Really wanted this one to be good…

edit - wow, every forum for this game is lit up, and some really bad first reviews. Looks like it's game over, man
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