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October 27th, 2011, 09:21
Up and running again after a semi-hiatus what with trips to France and so on.

Episode 29
In which Scarlett rescues a rather vengeful noblewoman, and does some last minute shopping before heading to the Arsenal District

Episode 30
In which Scarlett is given a warm welcome to the picturesque Arsenal district

Episode 31
Scarlett climbs some stairs! And learns to talk to dead people.

Episode 32
Scarlett climbs more stairs, finds her true calling as a lift repair woman and tricks some locals into slaving away in her village's copper mines.

Episode 33
Scarlett learns some skills and talks to dead people.

Episode 34
In which Scarlett runs like the wind!

Episode 35
Scarlett discovers where Sophistos' body has been taken. Also, we finally visit the Ambrosial Lotus.
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